YouTube Shorts arrives in Spain

YouTube already receives more than 2 billion unique users per month, becoming a source of income for many producers, creators or companies. This power that the channel has in the digital panorama places the new application of YouTube Shorts as an opportunity to attract new influencers, or existing ones, to your platform in order to achieve more visibility. YouTube Shorts finally arrived in Spain, at the moment in beta version, referring to this new application as the alternative to TikTok. It has taken 6 months to arrive since this new digital format was presented and started in India and the United States.

How do Youtube Shorts work?

The YouTube Shorts They are videos in vertical format. How do they work? Through the camera YouTube Shorts, short videos of up to 15 seconds are created, allowing them to be edited in various clips. The maximum duration is 60 seconds, and these pieces appear on the channel shelf. The creation of 15-second videos is recommended due to its speed of vision.
The video creation process is easy, as it can be done through the video creation tools already available at Youtube, or even using a short video that has already been created. Among its creative options we can choose a music from a variety of free songs; you can slow down or speed up the recording; or activate a timer that allows, for example, recording without hands. Although many of these options, and others, are already on the Tik Tok platform. In addition to having the two applications of an interface that are very reminiscent of each other.

Tik Tok, Reels or Shorts

The hard and tireless race to lead video marketing after the success of Tik Tok caused different platforms to devise their projects to compete with the new application. First was Reels from Instagram, and now, YouTube Shorts, which opts to join the short video trend and occupy its place in this market.

The two platforms are more alike than you might want.
One and the other base their essence on video content.
YouTube bet on live broadcasts, music products or movies, mostly. Tik Tok, originally, raised a battle in the kingdom of video dominated by YouTube, allowing the creation of short videos, dedicated to diverse themes, but highly focused on humor and dance.
The appearance of Tik Tok on the digital landscape led to a rethinking of YouTube's strategy.
So is #Shorts the alternative to Tik Tok? If not, Shorts was born with the will to look like her, and by extension Reels, from Instagram.
YouTube Shorts videos are vertical and limited to 60 seconds, the same conditions as Tik Tok videos. Reels have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. Another characteristic that resembles them is, as we already mentioned, the interface that is shown: YouTube Shorts incorporates buttons to share, to comment or to show our liking or not. The arrangement of the title next to the video or even the button that proceeds to the subscription, complete an interface that is very reminiscent of Tik Tok.
YouTube Shorts burst in to take advantage of the pull of the potential of its channel and attract to this “new” format the influencers, always, and those who are yet to come.

Entertainment is assured. If it is consolidated, it may be a new format that brands can use to promote their products through the influencer marketing and thus reach large audiences.