Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara, Semarang

Semarang, Indonesia


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by Shella Monica

Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara is a monastery which was inaugurated in 2006 and declared MURI as the tallest pagoda in Indonesia. Watugong Buddhagaya monastery is located 45 minutes from the center of the city of Semarang. This monastery has many buildings and is located in a large area.One of the most famous icon of this monastery is the Pagoda in Avalokitesvara (Metta Karuna), in which there are a large Buddha statue. Pagoda is Avalokitesvara has a building height of 45 meters tall with 7 levels, which means that a monk would achieve holiness in the seventh.The interior of the octagonal pagoda with a size of 15 x 15 meters. Start the second level to the sixth placed a statue of Kwan Im Goddess (Goddess of Mercy) is facing the four winds. It is intended that the goddess of compassion radiates in all directions of the compass.At the seventh level there are statues Amitaba, the great teacher of gods and humans. Top of the pagoda there is a section to save the relic Stupa (pearl beads) that came out of the Buddha. The front of the pagoda there is also a statue of Goddess of Mercy and the Buddha sat under the tree Bodi.In the complex there is also Vihara cotage for guests to stay. Right in front of the building there cotage Dhammasala. The building comprises two floors, ground floor is used for large multipurpose hall with a stage in front of him while the upper floors for Dhammasala space.On the walls there are reliefs dhammasala disekiling fence which is about paticasamupada. With relief, we will see more easily understand the concept paticasamupadaEverything is part of the monastery complex of neatly arranged and combined with the beauty of the environment coupled with the beauty of Chinese architecture makes it a relatively pleasant place for pilgrimage and worship or just stop by to take a break because of the way to unwind.If you're traveling to Semarang, there is no harm in taking the time to visit one of the attractions the city of Semarang

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Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara is a monastery which was inaugurated in...

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